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Kate Quinn

Title: Traffic Manager
Careof: Prospera.VIP
Address: PO Box 22987 Seattle, Washington State 98122 United States
Work Phone: 206-385-3030
Mobile Phone: 206-914-2240
Fax: 888-628-0839
Web: Prospera.VIP

Kate Quinn manages all production, media and scheduling related issues on behalf of Fusion;s clients. Using over two decades experience in the high-volume field of direct marketing, Kate brings contacts, experience and judgment to each project she supervises.

Kate designs scheduling, job-tracking and reporting systems tailored to the needs of the stakeholders of all projects. Kate’s systems allow all parties to keep up-to-date on the progress of each part of a plan. Her in-depth experience in the fields of print management and signage system/display management will come into play in the strategic phases of the project.

Kate contributes heavily to the strategic planning by helping the team define communications, branding and marketing tools that are efficient to produce. This results in more impact for each dollar spent.

Kate knows how to get the tough jobs done. She’s part cheerleader, part ruthless taskmaster and ALWAYS looking for a better way to produce a job or save our client money. Kate has over 20 years experience in the advertising and direct mail industries and is conversant with all forms of production from the printed piece to websites and three-dimensional displays.

She also brings considerable media and strategic planning skills to the table.

  • Founding Member and Board of Directors, The New Home Council
  • Executive Board of Directors, Treasurer 2014, Vice President 2015, The New Home Council
  • Chair, 2013 Tribute Awards, The New Home Council
  • Co-chair 2014, Tribute Awards, The New Home Council