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Should Have Said this Sooner

Looking back at the last year has been pure craziness. We realize you had to completely reinvent your business model to keep our places in the rental market so that people felt safe to come out and rent our properties.

This has led to a very good year and certainly better than we ever would have thought struggling through Covid-19. The extra effort your entire team has had to endure to adapt to this new normal has definitely not gone unnoticed.

I personally wanted to send a thank you note and let you know we really appreciate what you have done to keep us going. This could have been an extremely negative situation but, instead, we have seen rentals increasing when others gave up.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Finally, we are completing two more condos that we believe we will have ready and we definitely want to move these into your portfolio also. – Roy, Olympia, WA

Manager's Response

No, we must thank you. Allowing us to spend all our time pushing through this has allowed us to produce an even better outcome than anyone else. But there is more work to come so I better get back to it. - William