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Hi-Tide Resort Pulls in Goldener Inns

(News Item #0423, Published: 01/15/21, Author: , – Hi-Tide Resort on Washington State's Moclips Beach has engaged Goldener Inns to provide full service management for the 32 ;ocean front vacation rental condos. Read more

Airbnb boots a Washington state user off the site

(News Item #0421, Published: 11/09/20, Author: , Seattle Times Classifieds) – Airbnb locked a Washington state user out of its site, then refused to provide an explanation — until Travel Troubleshooter Christopher Elliott stepped in. (Waldo Swiegers / Bloomberg) Read more

HelpBookMe Implements Version 3.0 or S2D2 Pricing System

(News Item #0418, Published: 05/01/20, Author: William Victor May, – The Vortex Organization announced that version 3.0 of the S2D2 yield management tools in its HelpBookMe software is officially controlling rates as of today. Read more

HelpBookMe Invents Bumper Days to Facilitate Cleaning

(News Item #0417, Published: 03/30/20, Author: William Victor May, – Software engineers at the Vortex Organization have designed and installed a new system that adds unoccupied "Bumper" dates between bookings to separate occupancy between guests and staff. Read more

'A disaster': Airbnb hosts blast decision to refund guests amid coronavirus

(News Item #0414, Published: 03/16/20, Author: , – Airbnb has updated its "extenuating circumstances" policy globally, ensuring all guests are refunded for their reservations amid the sweeping coronavirus pandemic. Read more

Vacation House Destinations Selects Vortex Managers

(News Item #0324, Published: 11/25/15, Author: , – The only destination club specializing in Northwest Vacation Rental homes has selected Vortex Reservations to expand its properties and services. Read more

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